Wheel Fitting & Balancing

We offer a complete service of Wheel Fitting and Balancing when you buy new or used tyres from our shop.

It might look like an easy task to fit new tyres on wheels but there are details one need to keep in mind while fitting tyres on wheels. Getting your tyres fitted by an inexperienced technician or shop might result in problems when you drive your vehicle. To ensure a perfect fit, we only let only our experienced employees work on wheel fitting and balancing. We use the latest tyre fitting machine which is operated by our experienced staff member only.

Wheel balancing is an essential part when you get your new tyres fit on your wheels. Properly balanced wheels distribute the weight evenly to all parts of the wheel. If an imbalance is noticed in any of the wheels a lean towards that direction may be seen. Weight variations on wheels can disturb the drive comfort.

We suggest you get your wheels balanced (after the initial wheel fitting and balancing) every time you get your vehicle serviced. This ensures a better driving comfort for the new rides that wait for you. Once the wheel fittings and balancing job is properly done, you will feel smoother and better than before when you drive and it will also help you get a good price if you’re selling your car for cash.

If you have any queries regarding the wheel balancing service, feel free to contact us.