Wheel Alignment Melbourne

Wheel Alignment can help your tires to perform well and can also increase their life. It improves the overall handling of your vehicle and keeps it from pulling to one side and from random vigorous shaking.

Why should you get your wheels aligned?

1. Improves fuel efficiency When your vehicle isn’t aligned, your wheels do not work together as they are meant to. This causes the engine to work twice as hard resulting in bad fuel efficiency.

2. Reduced expensive repairs: Driving with a bad or wrong alignment may cause parts to wear unevenly and break down prematurely. Some parts may need repairing and some might even need replacing which may end up costing more than proper wheel alignment.

3. Smoother driving experience: A bad alignment can prove to be uncomfortable as the vehicle might move to the right or left when you’re driving straight or the steering might feel shaky. A proper wheel alignment service by Oz Tyre Melbourne‘s technicians will eliminate all of these issues.

4. Improve the safety of your vehicle: When your wheels are aligned regularly keeps it safe from running into unexpected situations and accidents.

5. Maximize the life of your tyres: Tyres are expensive and an integral part of your vehicle that can wear out quickly when the wheels are not aligned. To avoid keep a check on the alignment of your wheels.

Wheel Alignment is done by squaring a vehicle’s wheels and axles so that they all move in one direction. A mechanic will adjust suspension angles that are known as toe, thrust, camber and caster.

When Do You Need A Wheel Alignment?

The easiest way to notice if your vehicle requires the wheel alignment service is when you feel that your car’s steering is significantly pulling to left or right side while driving. If you experience any of the following, just give us a call to check for the Wheel Alignment anywhere in Melbourne.

1. Uneven wear on your tyres.
2. Vehicle pulling in one direction, towards left or right.
3. Off centre steering wheel when driving straight.
4. Vibrations on the steering wheel.

Once the wheel alignments are properly done, you will feel smoother and better than before when you drive and it will also help you get a good price if you’re selling your car for cash.

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