Puncture Repairs

Periodically changing the position of your tyres is known as wheel rotation. This is a beneficial process that every vehicle owner should into consideration for the better health of their tyres. Manufacturers suggest rotating tyres at every 5,000 km. Once the wheel rotation job is properly done, you will feel smoother and better than before when you drive and it will also help you get a good price if you’re selling your car for cash.

Why should you regularly rotate your tyres?

1. By rotating your tyres, you can inspect each one of them for any wear and tear.
2. The wear on tyres is spread evenly among the four tyres and maximizes the life on them when rotated at the suggested intervals.
3. Regular rotation of tyres helps keep traction, handling the vehicle and with braking. All of which are essential when you’re on the road.

There are a few patterns for a tyre rotation that differ from vehicle to vehicle. Each pattern has its benefits for the particular vehicle.